April 22, 2013   Posted by: Dr. Ace Jeangle

Delay with 7″ LCD shipping

Not very good news for us guys – we are forced to postpone shipping of our new 7″ LCDs. Electronics is ready and assembled, LCDs are already in our office. But touch-panel factory made mistake with drawing – as a result we have vertically mirrored frame of touch panel and can’t bond it with LCD panel. Here are some photos that can explain it better (click on photo to get full resolution). Yellow color is back-side of panel with adhesive tape for bonding with LCD panel. Black color framed panel has the same mistake.

Problem with 7" touch panel

Problem with 7" touch panel

I’m currently out to China to touch-panel factory to do all the best to reduce lead time of re-done batch of panels from standard 4-6 weeks down to couple weeks. Currently, we found with supplier the way to reduce it to 3 weeks.

We take full responsibility for this delay, but can’t do too much to ship panels in April, therefore we want to offer the following:
1. Any request for money return will be immediately executed.
2. For those who is OK to wait for delivery we want to offer one of the following:
– free add-on of ambient light sensor, mini USB cable, micro HDMI cable, audio adapter and power adapter (please, mention your plug type) to your order
– or free upgrade from standard shipping to DHL
– or 15% individual coupon for any future purchase in our store

Drop e-mail to our sales team (sales@) with your order # and selected action.

UPDATE: https://chalk-elec.com/?p=1759

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