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November 10, 2011   Posted by: Dr. Ace Jeangle

First video of new LVDS board in action

Well, here is first video that shows our new LVDS board with LCD in action.
Direct link to YouTube: http://youtu.be/Cioktsv_N1c

I used Ubuntu 11.04 for this demo. Yes, Ubuntu is very slow on BeagleBoard-xM, much faster on PandaBoard with 10 class SD card 🙂

Here are specs of LCD in short:
1. Screen size: 10″, glossy
2. Resolution: 1024×600
3. # of colors: 256K (18-bits)
4. Touchscreen: 2 points capacitive (you can see this in video when I try to press screen by ruler and by finger). Touchscreen has USB interface.
5. Power: 3.3V logic, 5V backlight. All powers are available right from our new LVDS add-on board.
6. Backlight: LED. We also supply ambient light sensor for automatic brightness control. It will be shown in second video.

Pre-order for plug-and-play bundle (new LVDS board + LCD with touchscreen + LVDS cable + ambient light sensor) will be available in 1-2 days. First shipments are scheduled for end of November. Price of bundle will be 134.99 USD (shipping is not included). We will provide 15 USD discount for all pre-orders (so, you can buy it for $119.99 till end of November). Stay tuned!

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November 9, 2011   Posted by: Dr. Ace Jeangle

Good news, everyone!

We are out of stock with assembled boards, and here is a reason for this – we designed a new PCB with many new features. It just pass our tests, and everything works well. I will record video this week, and we will add it to our shop. Also, we will offer 10″ LCD with touchscreen and LVDS cable that will work right from box with this new board. Please, be patient.

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June 10, 2011   Posted by: Dr. Ace Jeangle

First batch is shipped out!

Good news everyone! We just passed all current orders to shipping company, so you should receive your orders pretty soon. We will also provide tracking numbers of parcel for our customers who selected DHL delivery after getting them from shipping company on Monday.

Thanks everyone for your orders and your patience!

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June 1, 2011   Posted by: Dr. Ace Jeangle

Boards and components received!

Well, finally we got all components and bare PCB for first batch of boards. We promised to start shipping out till end of May – ok, we delayed it for 1 week, so I’m sorry for keeping you waiting! This Saturday we will get first 100 pcs assembled, and we have enough components and bare PCBs for several hundreds more.

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